Harold C Keller Invitational

2018 — Davenport, IA/US
Subject HCK Info for Tomorrow!
Sender Maggie Rietz
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Sent Friday 30 November 2018 at 9:03 AM
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Hi All,

We're 24 hours away from the start of the HCK Invitational, and we are excited to host everyone. A few things to note before tomorrow:

1) Because we currently have 25 PF entries, if there is no objection, I think we will have 5 PF rounds instead of 4. We have enough judges to single flight, so we can get three rounds in before lunch tomorrow and then still get done on time, with an adjusted schedule for PF:

9:00 Round 1
10:15 Round 2

11:30 Round 3

12:15 lunch

1:00 Round 4
2:30 Round 5

2) Just a reminder we will have "interpretation" for duo, HI and DI all combined so that we could still run those events. We will also have "public speaking" for info and OO. 

3) Tomorrow is a busy day at West High. Lots will be happening, so please enter through the main entrance on Locust St. Please do not get here before 7:30 because we can't even get in the building until 7:00. We will have the registration/ballot table outside of the library as usual. Students can head into the cafeteria, and please inform them to not sit on the other side of the posts by the windows--we are trying to minimize clean up for the custodians since there is so much happening here. Coaches and Judges are welcome to hang out in the library. 

4) We will be selling pizza and snacks for concessions, with some additional options for judges in the library.

5) Please drive carefully. Lots of rain is expected tomorrow on top of this crazy amount of snow we received Sunday. 

6) If you have drops, please let me know asap by emailing me or sending me a text with the names and events at 661-619-3074.

Thanks! See you tomorrow!


All Registrants of Harold C Keller Invitational