Terror Trial

2018 — Palmer HS 301 N Nevada 80903, CO/US
Subject: Palmer Tournament Invoice Error
Sender Melissa Garlock
Recipients All Registrants of Terror Trial
Date 10 November 2018 5:09 PM

Text of message:

Good evening coaches,

Unfortunately, I discovered an error with the invoicing for the tournament. I did not realize that I had the settings as $8.00 per round rather than the $9.00 per round listed in the invitation. As such, the invoices in your folders this morning were inaccurate. Please print a new invoice from tabroom so that your checks can reflect the correct amount owed based on the fee of $9.00 for individual entries and $18.00 team entries. I would really like to hold to my word of paying judges $8.00 per round, but that'll be difficult without accurate registration fees. Hopefully, the food this weekend will have made up for the inconvenience.


Melissa Garlock

All Registrants of Terror Trial