Plano West Wolf Classic

2018 — Plano, TX, TX/US
Subject Missing judge emails
Sender David Huston
Recipients All Registrants of Plano West Wolf Classic
Sent Friday 19 October 2018 at 10:49 AM
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It's Friday morning of a tournament in North Texas and this is the usual call for judge emails. We seem to be enjoying using Tabroom. However, we need to remember to enter judge emails in the Joy of Tournaments when we register to make sure judge emails are in the system. Yes, I forgot this time, too.

We need the following information from the following judges so that they may access their online ballots. Here we go:

Novice CX

Jessica Carr   Prosper HS

Novice Lincoln Douglas

Rich Bordner   Plano Senior

Manoj Donthineni  Plano East

Ravi Kanamangala  Plano East

Angella Lewallen   Flower Mound

Ram Ramdattan Centennial HS, Frisco

Public Forum

Farooq Buvvaji   Shepton HS

Kun Chang   Dulles HS

Rania Hammad Shepton

Brijan Kana   Grapevine HS

Poornima Kashyap   Coppell HS

Inka Stewart    Flower Mound


Send the emails to If we don't get it before registration, we will try to take care of it at that time.

A couple of things. Yes, if people insist, we can get them a paper ballot. However, they must be responsible for coming to the ballot table to get it and return it. Second, please do not have parents/judges come in the tabroom to expect training on We consider it to be your responsibility to do that. Please explain to your judges as well that they will be notified via text if they have a ballot. Remind them that a laptop or tablet works much better than a phone for entering comments and the decision. 

Yep, that's the grumpy old man in me with those requests. I am pleasantly surprised that the number of missing emails is quite short. We are going to get this online thing yet. Thanks and looking forward to a good tournament.



All Registrants of Plano West Wolf Classic