King Round Robin

2019 — Houston, TX/US
Subject King Round Robin Judging Updates
Sender Courtney Coffman
Recipients PF Judges judges LD Judges judges
Sent Monday 25 March 2019 at 9:56 AM
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Hi Judges, 

Thank you for judging this weekend at the King Round Robin--we have excellent fields in LD & PF and know it will be a great and competitive weekend. 

As a reminder, we will need you to be on campus at 3:30 on Friday for the first round that begins at 4 pm. Please make sure you are using the correct address (4363 Sylvanfield Drive Houston, TX 77014) to navigate to our campus, otherwise you may end up at our elementary school. 

If you have any dietary restrictions/allergies please email me back at to make sure we have you covered for food this weekend. 

We will see you Friday!

PF Judges judges LD Judges judges