North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2019 — TX/US
Subject Last minute stuff for today
Sender David Huston
Recipients All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District TournamentDebate (Debate & IE's) judges Speech (Debate & IE's) judges
Sent Thursday 28 February 2019 at 11:02 AM
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When you arrive at CHHS today, if you are here before 2:30pm, please proceed to the Lecture Hall, and wait quietly with your students there. If you arrive after 2:30pm, you most likely will be able to hang out in the cafeteria. 


Remember from the email earlier this week, we will only be offering light snacks and drinks for students. If you wish to have more substantial food for your students, we sent you some ideas earlier this week. Please make arrangements for them.


All coaches and judges should report to the Learning Commons/Library when you get to the school. We will be set up for and begin registration around 3pm. Know that school gets out at 4pm. If you don't want to deal with the craziness of trying to fight that traffic, get here before that. 

If you don't have competitors until Friday or Saturday, know that you do not have to register today. You do have to have all of the necessary paperwork with you when you do register. Please have some indication of payment as well. 

All rounds for today will be on the first floor of the building. On Friday & Saturday, we will be using two floors of the building


Since we are using, all schematics for debate and sectioning for IE's will be posted online. We will distribute judge assignments that way as well. For debate, we will expect you to use the online balloting system for the tournament. For IE's, we will be using paper ballots. Once you are notified that you have a ballot, please come to the library to get that ballot. You will be returning that ballot to the library as well. You want to be there because that's where the hospitality is going to be. Avail yourself of that.

Students (and you) may follow themselves by going to the Live Updates tab on the website. They may then find themselves, and click on their name. They should then receive a notice that they are now following themselves or others. When the pairings/sectionings are released, they should then get a text notification of where and when they are debating/speaking. We hope to have paper copies posted as well in the cafeteria, but no guarantees of that. Waiting on the paper postings when the information is available online will not be an excuse for competitors missing their rounds. Please know that all of that information is available online and students should be looking for it. 


Our plan is to use as many hired judges as we can. If we need to draft you to judge a round, we hope that you will be willing to do so. Know that the other district may be using you as well. 

I can't think of any other last minute things to tell you about. See many of you this afternoon/evening.

All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District TournamentDebate (Debate & IE's) judges Speech (Debate & IE's) judges