North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2019 — TX/US
Subject A couple of things to remember about this weekend
Sender David Huston
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Sent Tuesday 26 February 2019 at 10:53 PM
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We have seriously thought about putting something together that helps with all of this. Here are some things you need to know for the weekend.

Thursday Debate

--Just the Longhorn district; we will be using electronic ballots on

--Debaters can use the internet

--We will have 3 prelims on Thursday night

Friday Debate & Public Speaking

--Lone Star will be debating that evening; Longhorn will be doing Public Speaking

--Lone Star debaters may not use the internet; they will be using electronic ballots

--Longhorn will be using paper ballots in IE's; there will be only one judge in the prelim rounds

Saturday Debate, Public Speaking, and Interp

--Both districts will be doing all three things today

--Longhorn will begin with the 4th prelim Saturday morning. 

--Longhorn will go to a traditional elim bracket beginning at 11:30 or so; panels will be in effective

--Lone Star IE's start early morning; all rounds will have 2 judges in each round; judges will have the option of using electronic ballots

--Semifinal rounds in IE's for both districts will feature 3 judges; finals may have 3 judges if in Longhorn; 5 judges if in Lone Star


You will keep track of what rounds you are judging in each district. You will be paid by both districts.

If you have questions, please ask


Debate (Debate & IE's) judges Speech (Debate & IE's) judges