North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2019 — TX/US
Subject Roles to play at the tournament
Sender David Huston
Recipients All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District Tournament
Sent Tuesday 26 February 2019 at 10:45 PM
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We need coaches to fulfill various roles at the tournament. With your permission, I would like the following people to help with various duties involved in these areas:


Extemp Draw (Fri & Sat)

Neal White

Clarissa Moreno

Robert Martin

Chris Hammer

Ballot Collection/Distribution (IE's on Fri & Sat)

Stef Cambra

Whitney Kelly

Hospitality (All days)

Chris Agee (Thurs & Fri Head Chef)

Tom McCaffrey 

Deb Garoui

Leann Solice


You may share the duties with those who have been named. For the extemp draw, I will have it ready to go, you just need to run it. For hospitality, you will need to assist Agee with some preparation, but mainly, we need people to make sure we are stocked with snacks and drinks. If somebody wants to volunteer to make the coffee, I would be most appreciative. For ballot distribution and collection, you will need to work with the tab room with the IE paper ballots.

If you are not listed and want to help, please feel free to step up and do so. See you this weekend


All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District Tournament