North Texas Longhorns District Tournament

2019 — TX/US
Subject: Things to consider
Sender David Huston
Recipients All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District Tournament
Date 25 February 2019 10:40 PM

Text of message:

I am sending this email from so you are used to receiving correspondence from this website. Here are some things to consider as we move towards the tournament beginning on Thursday.

What do you need to bring to the tournament? Please look on the website for the School Consent Form. You must print and sign that and give it to us when you come to the tournament. In addition, please bring payment with you. If you have double entered students, please bring the appropriate Single Letter of Intent for those students as well. 

The tournament starts on Thursday. If I don't have debate teams, do I need to come to registration on that day or can I just bring it with me when I come on the other days? Whatever day is your first day at the tournament will be the day you are expected to register. Again, please bring all necessary paperwork and payment with you. 

Are you expecting us to provide judging? As we have indicated, our expectation is that you will provide a judge willing to cover a minimum of two rounds at the tournament. They may be asked to judge more than that. Please understand that when they do so, they will be compensated at the same rate as a hired judge. Please let your hired school judges know that.

What about food for the students and coaches? There will be hospitality for the coaches and judges at the tournaments. Please understand that we are handling the student food differently. We will be offering light snacks and drinks for the students. However, we are asking schools to handle meals for their students rather than expect us to do so. Why, might you ask, are you taking this action? Our experience in running this tournament in the past has been that students often don't eat at this tournament. If they do, they either have persons get food for them or they bring it with them. Having a full concession stand is a hit or miss proposition. 

However, we would encourage schools to take advantage of the following. Our parent organization contacted some local businesses who have been popular with our tournament attendees before. Here is what they were able to find:

Jason’s Deli can facilitate everything online.  A coach/teacher can create a group order and students can then go to the online menu, select whatever meal they want (so prices will vary), pay online then it will be added to the group order.   Whoever creates the group would specify what time the order should be delivered to CHHS.  The parent making this arrangement has said this is very easy and a great option for students.
Nizza Pizza offers an 18” one-topping pizza for $12.95 or (2)18” one-topping pizzas for $23.95.  If a school will be ordering a large number of pizzas, it might be possible to negotiate a better price.  (Dominos was giving us a great deal during the tournament, but we were also ordering 20+ pizzas.). Nizza's is less than a mile from the school and delivers to us on a regular basis. Each pizza has 8 pieces and is very large.
Raising Cane’s does not offer delivery.  If there is a very large order then they “try to accommodate” but I don’t know how high that number would need to be, so a school choosing Cane’s would probably need to plan on having someone pick up the order.  The 3-piece combo boxes without a drink are $6.50, a little less if a school has its tax exemption form.
There are also several fast food (Wendy's, McDonalds, Whataburger, Chik Fila; Panda Express, Subway, Fuzzy's Taco's) within 5 minutes of the school. 
We hope that giving you a few days to consider your options will help with food at the tournament. 
Please let me know if you have questions. I look forward to seeing you later this week.


All Registrants of North Texas Longhorns District Tournament