Orange County Speech League Open Fall

2018 — Irvine, CA/US
Subject Tournament Duties, Last call for changes, Registration
Sender Sarah Sherwood
Recipients All Registrants of Orange County Speech League Open Fall
Sent Friday 9 November 2018 at 12:31 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I have had a long list of drops and changes and I need to set a hard deadline. 

Nothing more will be accepted other than drops after 5:00pm. 

Tomorrow I plan to have registration in the Tabroom. 

Below is the list of tournament duties. Each school must provide someone to work the tournament. This is traditionally the coach of record. 

Tournament Host- Cameron Wroe

Tournament Director- Sarah Sherwood

Registration- Sarah and Charlene

Parli prep- Melissa Jacobson, Emily Sorsher

Ext Prep- Charlene Dagampat, Ramon Morales

Judges Room- Kori Muniz Jones, Trudy White Matthews, Sandra Fiene, 

Tabroom- All other coaches

All coaches in the tabroom are required to have a laptop. 

Please email me sooner rather than later with any questions or issues. 


All Registrants of Orange County Speech League Open Fall