Capitol Beltway Fall Classic at GMU

2018 — George Mason University, VA/US
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Hello All,

We look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament tomorrow!

Final announcements:

1.  Online "Onsite" Registration - be sure to log back into your account and confirm between noon and 9 that your teams will be present.

2.  Buildings for Tournament - the tournament is consolidated to Innovation Hall (#28), Music/Theater (#35), and Nguyen Engineering Building (#36).  Students and coaches can congregate in Johnson Center (29) nearby.  Restaurants will be open through the weekend in the center.  See Link to attached Map on Sidebar.

3.  Check-In/Tab Information - tabroom will be in Innovation Hall Room 133.  Information desk will be placed right in front of 133.   All judges and coaches should check-in at that table when they arrive before 8:30 a.m. Pairings will be released on tabroom (no paper pairings) at 8:30 a.m. and round should begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

4.   Parking - unfortunately, there is no free parking at GMU and they do ticket.  I highly recommend parking in Mason Pond Parking Deck (#40) as that is the closest to Johnson Center.

5.   WiFi - there is free WiFi.  Select Mason from your wifi list.  To register, go to  Create an account.  Full instructions attached on sidebar.

6.   Schedule - please see schedule on sidebar.  IMPORTANT: tournament will proceed as fast as possible to get people out on time.  So once your round is over, keep your eyes out for next debate pairings.  We reserve the right to start debates before scheduled time and there is a strictly enforced 15 minute forfeit rule.

7.  Elimination Debates - we will clear all winning records up to a maximum of 16 teams.  No records below 4-2 will clear at this tournament.  The first elimination debate (runoff) will begin immediately after round 6, followed by awards, followed by quarterfinals and we will continue till the end.

8.  Judges - judges MUST remain through the first elimination debate or the one elimination debate after your team is eliminated.  Schools will be fined 50 dollars for no show judges in prelims and 75 for no shows in elimination debates.  Those must be paid for your team to continue in elimination debates.  Schools cannot advance if any of your judges leave before their obligation is complete.  There are no paper ballots so all judges must link their email to tabroom.  When your round begins, please hit start and please submit decision before revealing any decisions or talking to debaters.

Safe travels to all and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Capitol Debate Team


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