Groves Falcon Invitational

2018 — Beverly Hills, MI, MI/US
Subject Tabroom Accounts
Sender Ryan Nierman
Recipients All Registrants of Groves Falcon Invitational
Sent Wednesday 31 October 2018 at 9:33 PM
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Hi Everyone,

One more note: Please make sure that all of your judges and debaters have tabroom accounts and that they are linked on tabroom. If they do not already have one, please have them create one and then send me their name and email address and I will get them linked to the tournament. Without an account, it will not be possible to access and submit ballots. It will also help individuals be able to quickly and efficiently access pairing and know where they need to be.

Having this set up prior to registration will help ensure that the start of the tournament is not delayed. Obviously, we will be available to help on the spot should it be necessary.


All Registrants of Groves Falcon Invitational