Saint Georges Invitational

2018 — Spokane, WA/US
Subject: SGS Tournament Update--Judge Prefs & Tech Questions
Sender Chad Rigsby
Recipients All Registrants of Saint Georges Invitational
Date Mon, Dec 3, 2018 at 1:23 PM

Text of message:

Hi Everyone,

A couple of quick notes.

1).  Judge prefs will go live on Wednesday and will close on Friday at 3 p.m.  We will be using an ordinal system. . . .  We expect to have around 20 judges by Wednesday afternoon--you'll need to rank them 1-20.  We will aim for mutual preference above all else, in the hope that both parties in any given round are satisfied with their judging.

2).  I've fielded a couple of internet questions over the last few days.  We will have guest access to the wifi for all visitors to SGS this weekend.  Regarding use of laptops in rounds, the tournament's assumption is that they can be used for flowing, file keeping, and research during rounds.  Any kind of emailing, texting, or communication with people not immediately involved in the round is out of bounds--guilty parties will receive a loss and zero speaker points. 

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!


All Registrants of Saint Georges Invitational