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2018 — Riverview HS, Sarasota, FL/US
Subject FGCCFL November Tournament -- last day to register
Sender Josh Schneider
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Sent Monday 12 November 2018 at 7:26 AM
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Dear Coaches:

This is a reminder that registration for the November 17 FGCCFL tournament at Riverview closes at 9:00 p.m. TONIGHT. After that time, all drops/name changes must be sent to Paul Jannereth <pjannereth@carrollwooddayschool.org>.

Please check over your registration to make sure it is complete. In particular:

* Are your students entered in the right events? If your students dropped from the tournament, did you drop them in Tabroom?

* Are your judges in the correct pools? Do they cover your entries? Have you entered ratings and conflicts?

* Have you ordered lunches for all students and judges, plus one for yourself?

School/entry codes and Congress assignments/calendars will be available on Tabroom as soon as possible after registration closes, and certainly before noon on Wednesday. An announcement email will be sent when materials are available.

Thank you for your participation in FGCCFL! See you Saturday!

Kind regards,
Josh Schneider

All Registrants of FGCCFL November All Events