Fullerton Union High School Winter Classic

2018 — Fullerton, CA/US
Subject Fullerton Winter Classic - Email #4
Sender Emily Markussen Sorsher
Recipients All Registrants of Fullerton Union High School Winter Classic
Sent Tuesday 11 December 2018 at 8:21 PM
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Hello Coaches,

Thanks for getting your registration in! At this point there will be no further changes or adds. I’ll take drops for another 24 hours only.

Registration on site begins at 7am. Checks only, made out to Fullerton Union High School. All adults must bring ID and report to registration (near front office - see map on Tabroom) to receive name tags from our RAPTOR system. They may then proceed to the judges’ room, where we will have light snacks and coffee, and meals provided throughout the day. Please remember that all schools owe judges for one round beyond their breaks. All adults must also sign the code of conduct available on our Tabroom site, on the right hand column. If you can bring them with you, signed and ready, that would really help us move registration along. 

Parking is available on campus, off Pomona and off Lemon (again, see map). Bus parking is off Lemon in our student lot. Please be warned, there are many paid parking lots around. We have nothing to do with them and will not be reimbursing anyone who parks there. 

We will flip a coin that morning for poetry/prose, and alternate rounds accordingly. Extemp prep runs 35 minutes ahead of rounds, and the general topics will be:
Round 1: American Economics
Round 2: Eurasian Politics/Economics
Semis: American Politics
Finals: International Hotspots

Please note that we will accelerate the tournament whenever possible, so remind judges that they must remain on campus and near the judges’ room. I messed up the finals schedule the first time, so please find the updated version on the Tabroom website, on the right hand side. 

It looks like weather will be nice, but in case of rain we will open some extra classrooms for the huddled masses.

I think that’s it! The kids and I are psyched to see everyone on Saturday morning! My Tab director and I are both new, so please be patient with us and let us know about any issues right away. If you have any other questions, just reach out.


Emily Markussen Sorsher
All Registrants of Fullerton Union High School Winter Classic