Kentucky Run for the Roses

2018 — Lexington, KY/US
Subject Ballot Reminder
Sender Adrienne Brovero
Recipients All Registrants of Kentucky Run for the Roses
Sent Thursday 27 September 2018 at 2:17 PM
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Hi folks - 

Hope decision process is going smoothly. We're closing in on the last two debates, completion rate is pretty low at the moment, but expecting to see an uptick on the number completed during this next debate. 

Just a reminder of the process:

You do not need to submit your decisions immediately after the debate - but they are *all* expected to be completed within about an hour after round 7. So please pace yourself appropriately. I will send out occasional reminders throughout, checking in.

You should provide a written RFD. This is an important tradition we'd like to continue, so please take this seriously.

You can do this on Tabroom, or in a Word doc.

If you choose to utilize a Word doc, please email the doc to me ( as soon as it is done so I can distribute RFD promptly after result is announced (like when I used to run around the room distributing the paper copies, but now I will just hit send!).


Any questions - I am in the room next to Keeneland.



All Registrants of Kentucky Run for the Roses