Jeffco Novice

2018 — Chatfield Senior High School, CO/US
Subject: tomorrow
Sender Kevin Brich
Recipients All Registrants of Jeffco Novice
Date 19 October 2018 8:30 AM

Text of message:

Just a couple of notes and reminders about tomorrow:

1. The gymnasts refused to cancel their league meet, so when you come down the main stairs, be sure to go RIGHT.  Left is bad.  You may have to do some tumbling.

2. Kids will need to know their codes, and this isn't as easy as normal.  Every school has their two digit code, but instead of A then B then C etc., they will have their own individual numbers.  You might want to print out a list so the kids can have one on their tables to keep double checking.  I am trying to find a way to print schematics with names, but as of yet am unsuccessful.

3. We will have a concession stand for kids to buy stuff, as will the gymnasts.  If you encourage your kids to buy our stuff, we will buy stuff at your tournaments.

4. You can check in on line and not come see me starting at 7 I believe.  This is not required yet.  If you need help, want to see how tabroom works, or just hang out with some super cool people (and me), just come to the brich and mortar tabroom in E100.  We know this is new for many people, and as the NSDA is going to start requiring this site for nat quals some day, it's a good idea to start becoming familiar with it.

5. Make sure kids not to just willy-nilly open doors.  Many doors to the outside are alarmed, and they get very annoying.  Also, competitors should not enter a room without a judge.  We will be keeping track of which judges are in which rooms. If anything is stolen or destroyed, the kids judging in those rooms will be help responsible.  All of them.  No trial.  GUILTY!  (Of course this is rarely needed, but just in case...)

6. Registration on site doesn't start until 8.  Please don't show up too darn early

Again, please double check that your entries have names.  When we start to schedule, any TBA's will be dropped.

The Jeffco coaches look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


All Registrants of Jeffco Novice