Jeffco Novice

2018 — Chatfield Senior High School, CO/US
Subject: Saturday update
Sender Kevin Brich
Recipients All Registrants of Jeffco Novice
Date 15 October 2018 8:11 AM

Text of message:

The Jeffco coaches are looking forward to seeing you all at the beautiful Chatfield Senior High campus in just five short days.  There are a few reminders and notes we wanted to pass on to you.

1. Please add names or delete any "TBA" entries you may have so we can plan accordingly.  

2. There will also be a gymnastics meet going on in the gym.  As you enter beautiful Chatfield Senior High and walk across the bridge to the main staircase, stay right.  The gymnasts and their families will go to the left side of the stairs.  The only mixing of the two crowds will be their judges getting food in our foods room.  I know none of us want the age-old feud between gymnasts and speakers to erupt again.

3. You can register yourself online when you arrive, or on the bus if you aren't driving.  You do not have to come to a registration table.  

4. If you want to come see us in tab, it will be in room E100 (where it usually is for the Chill). That is the giant room that seems to stick out into the commons.  All coaches are welcome. We will have some snacks available, hopefully.  You can also experience the experience if you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this or send something to my normal email.

Kevin Brich

(Beautiful) Chatfield Senior High

All Registrants of Jeffco Novice