2019 March Merryness

2019 — Needham, MA/US
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Sent Friday 15 March 2019 at 12:51 PM
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Hello everyone, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the March Merryness Tournament! As you know, the tournament will be held at Needham High School (609 Webster Street, Needham).


Online Ballots

As you know, we will be using online ballots. While all should be linked already, if you have a last minute substitute who is unlinked they may follow the directions below.  All judges will need to bring a laptop, tablet, phone, etc is best- This means the ballots are 'delivered'' directly to your device. You DON"T need to download an app ,but do need to create a Tabroom account. To do that go to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and follow the instructions. Additionally, we have

attached is a guide we believe will be helpful for you to navigate the system and gain an understanding of how the online balloting process will work before you arrive. Last minute substitutes    not linked to your judging account,  please come to 701 (room behind registration table) before the judges meeting in the 728s, and we will be happy to help get you get linked.


We recommend bringing a laptop to assist you in the online balloting process, but a tablet or mobile device will suffice. Whatever device you bring, please remember to bring your charger as well.


Judge's Meeting

There will be a mandatory meeting for all judges beginning at 8:15 am in 728A and 728B up two floors from the cafeteria. This is for Speech (728A) and Debate (728B) We'll go over tournament updates, details you need to know, hand out first round topics, and give a quick online ballot overview for those who have not used them before.




Judge meeting will be in 701


Wifi information

Please log onto the guest network. Some hallways and/or the cafeteria may be a challenge. If you have an older device and cannot logon there is a hidden network we will share the day of the tournament.


Name guest network: NPS-Guest-NHS

Password: greatplain


We also have a variety of special events-Event specific details may be accessed here


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!



IF YOU ARE NEW TO JUDGING - see below links on how to judge both SPEECH and DEBATE. We will also have copies available at the tournament.  

Links to add:


Speech Judge guide


Speech judges LD Debate judges Varsity PF judges Policy judges Novice LD judges Big Questions judges Novice PF judges