2019 March Merryness

2019 — Needham, MA/US
Subject: March Merryness Info!
Sender Paul Wexler
Recipients All Registered Schools With Entries
Date 15 March 2019 12:34 PM

Text of message:

Dear Friends:


We are very much excited to have you visit us here in Needham tomorrow. The “High School on the Hill”

We are using the building to its' capacity- so please be polite and good to one another. 


  1. When on your way to Needham,  please text us at 781-330-6610  by 8am to let us know  1)What school you are 2)  if you have changes or if you do not have changes. . Please let us know what changes there are, if any.  Please DO NOT wait until your arrival.


2) )The information  tables will be outside 703, the tab room. Registration shall commence there as well when that occurs. Adults only please. As a reminder, checks should be made out to 'Friends of Needham Speech and Debate. '


2a)The prep room is in the media center. The Congress rooms are 811/813.


3)There will be both a general student meeting in the cafeteria at 8:30 AND judge  meetings at 8:15 in the 728A (speech) and 728b (debate)  Big Questions  meeting for judges in 701. 


4)As a gentle reminder no food or drink (except water) outside of the cafeteria. A variety of tasty foods will be for sale throughout the day. 


Students and adults are expected to engage by standard professional conduct during the day. 


We are very much honored to be hosting the election of the 'King and Queen of Mardi Gras'  this year. We were greatly disappointed  that the tournament was cancelled.  Please vote 'early and often' for the King and Queen, with a twenty-five cent 'tithe' per vote. The elected shall be crowned at the awards ceremony. All tithes to go to the Shrewsbury HS speech and debate team. 


5) Important! No person (including adults) ) should sit at a teacher’s desk. Please avoid entering the classroom without an adult. 


6) Please be reminded that we use a variety of unusual spaces for debate.  Please be respectful of all. 


7)Wifi may be accessed as follows:  

Please log onto the guest network. Some hallways and/or the cafeteria may be a challenge.


Name guest network: NPS-Guest-NHS

Password: greatplain 




Best, the Needham HS Speech and Debate Team

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