2019 March Merryness

2019 — Needham, MA/US
Subject Judge Quota
Sender Paul Wexler
Recipients Schools short on judges at 2019 March Merryness
Sent Thursday 14 March 2019 at 7:50 PM
Text of message

Hi All March Merryness registrants. 


If this is working,  you are only receiving this email if  you are short on judges. At this point you can only add by emailing me. 


If I have exempted you from a requirement, you are receiving this email anyway because their is no button for 'exemption'- So I probably have you down, but please do reach out anyway just in case. 

If you still need to link judges, I can do so once they have a tabroom account set up. They can  do that by following the below directions. 

Online Ballots

We will be using online ballots. If you have not used online ballots yet,  you will need to bring a laptop, tablet, phone, etc is best- This means the ballots are 'delivered'' directly to your device. You DON"T need to download an app ,but do need to create a Tabroom account. To do that go to CREATE AN ACCOUNT and follow the instructions. Additionally, we have

attached is a guide we believe will be helpful for you to navigate the system and gain an understanding of how the online balloting process will work before you arrive

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

Best, PJ

Schools short on judges at 2019 March Merryness