2019 March Merryness

2019 — Needham, MA/US
Subject March Merryness Specials Reminder
Sender Paul Wexler
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Sent Monday 11 March 2019 at 6:44 PM
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Dear Friends-

As a reminder, all entries in special event at March Merryness DO NOT count against your judge quota (i.e., speech judges are calculated by regular events only)- 

'More' uniquely, Congress entrants may enter too! (But not people in LD, PF, Policy, Big Question, or Multiple. 

 So enter in good cheer!

Best, PW



To be held during the off round with one round of competition.


Mixed Duo... Shaken not Stirred (aka: mixed duo) 


Teams will be randomly generated from all event participants. All materials will be provided. You and your new partner will have 15 minutes of prep time for cutting and practice. The presentation must include an introduction that cites the name of the piece and the author. You may only touch and make eye contact during your introduction. The author’s words as published in the literature may not be altered for this presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. This is a scripted reading event.  


Time limit: 15 minute- prep, 7 minutes, 30 second grace- presentation


Aliens Have Landed in Needham (aka: tabloid extemp) 


Pulled right from the tabloid headlines. You may have already won!  15 minutes of prep time will be allotted to create a "factual", yet light hearted extemp speech.  You will have 7 minutes to convince your judge that bat boy lives, and that aliens have indeed landed in Needham. Some topics may come from the Weekly World News or so we say- but if they are shut down by the Conspiracy we will make do.    This is a limited prep event, (except for those who can see into the future...)


Time limit: 7 minutes, 30 second grace 


Sold! to the Highest Bidder  (aka: impromptu sales pitch) 


You will randomly select one item to use as the impromptu topic. 7 minutes of prep time will be allotted to create and present your sales pitch. 


Freeze   Improv 


This event is open to all students.  Given a starting scenario, each student will partner with every other student in the flight according to a set order to create various short scenes, a la 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' After a scene has gone on for at least 60 seconds, and before it reaches 90 seconds, the next student in line will yell FREEZE and take the place of a student already in the scene. The new pair will then begin to act out a fresh scene, starting from the positions they were frozen in. Sign up for some crazy, off-the-cuff madness! 


Impromptu Storytelling


This event is open to all students and alumni. A mixture of history, pop culture, and dashing insight (provided by the contestant). Students will be assigned a protagonist and a setting. Seven minutes to prepare and deliver a story. Example: Belle from “Beauty and the Beast’ guest stars (as herself) on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’


Students Revenge (aka: student judging competition) 



This event is open to all students.  You will be writing ballots for the Mixed Duo and/or Impromptu storytelling events.  Your ballots will be reviewed and ranked in this unique competition.  You will need to dig deep to find thoughtful comments for the good, the bad, and the well...  They may even make an appearance in Interpretative Ballot Reading, so have fun and be creative!  



All Registered SchoolsAll Registered Schools With Entries