2019 March Merryness

2019 — Needham, MA/US
Subject: March Merryness- Big Questions-
Sender Paul Wexler
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Date 11 March 2019 11:28 AM

Text of message:

Dear Friends:


In response to queries-- IF you have a speech or debate judge especially interested in judging 'Big Questions' please let me know.  (I think this is in the spirit of the endeavor at any rate!)

Along the same lines, as we try to get the event going in Massachusetts-  while we would surely appreciate you 

covering judges for 'Big Questions' if you at all can,  please don't allow not being able to do so keep you from entering the event.Individuals or teams!  If you have a maverick debater, this may be a great chance for them 


Finally, logistics permitting, we will attempt to pair middle schools against middle schools in earlier rounds. 

Resource page here!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Merryness on Saturday. 


Best, PJ 


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