College Prep LD Invitational

2018 — Oakland, CA, CA/US
Subject Judge Qualifications
Sender Lexy Green
Recipients All Registrants of College Prep LD Invitational
Sent Monday 17 December 2018 at 3:28 PM
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It looks like a number of schools are providing parent judges with limited experience to cover their Open Division entries. This is explicitly against the terms of the invitation, which reads

"We care about our judging pool. Because of this, we request information on all of the judges you provide. Please indicate competitive and judging experience for all judges. For the varsity division, if you cannot provide experienced judges, please plan to pay judging fees instead. We’ll be happy to hire great judges to cover your entry, and you’ll be happy with the quality of the judging pool."

Almost no schools have included the requested information about their judges. Lots of the judges submitted have no judging history linked to their account. We have asked that ALL judges submit judge philosophies linked to their accounts. The old judge wiki is no more, so philosophies posted there are no help.

If your judges do not submit philosophies, or if they lack significant LD experience, we will deactivate your preferences. It is simply unfair for debaters to reap the benefit of the experienced judges other schools bring, when the schools bringing the experienced judges cannot get experienced judges because other schools are bringing inexperienced ones.

If you are unsure of whether we would consider your judge to be experienced, just ask. If your judge is inexperienced, we would be happy to hire an experienced judge for you to cover your entry.


All Registrants of College Prep LD Invitational