The Okoboji Invite

2018 — Milford, IA/US
Subject: Schedule and thoughts
Sender Troy Greiner
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Date 14 November 2018 6:34 PM

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I have looked through all of the entries for this weekend's tournament. We have a total of 5 Varsity PF teams, 5 Novice PF teams, 10 Congress competitors, and 2 LD competitors. We do have enough schools to qualify this as a tournament.

I would like to have registration from 8:30--9:00 a.m.. Congress will run two sessions; one will begin at 9:00, and the other will begin at 12:30 (12:45 at the latest) and run three hours in order to meet the needed requirements to count Congress for tournament points through NSDA.

Public Forum debate for both Varsity and Novice will start its first round at 9:15 a.m., and we will plan one hour per round.

Round 1:  9:15--10:15

Round 2:  10:15--11:15

Round 3:  12:00--1:00

Round 4:  1:00--2:00

Round 5:  2:00--3:00

We will do the awards ceremony as quickly as we can after Congress and try to allow for a decent departure time. Cheri and I are working through the tiebreakers to use should there be a tie in either of the PF levels.

For Congress, we will keep with one house. The majority of kids are novice with only a few varsity.

Please let me know if you any questions or comments. Also, if there are any others interested in attending, please let me know.

Thank you.

Troy Greiner

All Registrants of The Okoboji Invite