The Milo Cup at Millard North

2019 — Omaha, NE/US
Subject: Milo Cup: Final Notes and A Last Request
Sender Aarron Schurevich
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Date 18 February 2019 10:43 AM

Text of message:

Hello, all!


I just wanted to reach out today with some positive notes of thanks to all of our tournament guests, a request for your assistance, and to let you know about the items we found left at the tournament. 


First, thank you all for coming out to support the tournament. I hope you had as good a time competing as we did hosting! Almost without exception, everything was smooth and wonderful, and I appreciate your help in that. The word I've gotten from my coworkers today as they returned to their rooms described things as good, great, perfect, and better than when I left, so I appreciate greatly the respect and care you displayed for my building and my relationships with the Millard North staff.


Unfortunately, however, I have to ask for your help regarding a negative experience as well. On Saturday, at approximately 3:00PM, my principal encountered two folks who wandered into what was supposed to be our locked pool area. Now, I'm not certain if that means they broke into the pool or the door was mistakenly unlocked. In the grand scheme, that is of little importance to me. What does matter, is that we had two folks who decided to trespass in our pool area and do something so brain numbingly stupid as to put my ability to host this tournament or anything else in my building ever again at risk. Thankfully, my principal is supportive of my team and I and is not holding the Millard North team accountable for the - let's be blunt - reckless, selfish, and stupid behavior of two of the nearly 500 people who were in the building for the debate tournament on Saturday. Needless to say, despite my principal's very supportive response to this situation, I am beyond disappointed and angry about these circumstances. I write to you all today to request that you let me know who was responsible for this situation, so that I can be in touch with the coach(es) of the program(s) involved. I am meeting with my principal later today to view our security camera footage, and if I cannot immediately identify those responsible myself, I will attempt to send a final email to all coaches with a photo of those responsible. In order to protect my tournament's future, I am strongly considering banning the offending school from attending the tournament in years to come. My principal is in favor of a lighter response but has informed me that he will support whatever decision I find necessary. How this is handled from here will determine how I'm forced to handle this kind of event, so I ask for your most gracious assistance in figuring out who did this ASAP. 

Last, we found a few clothing items and a laptop PC during our clean up this weekend. If you or your team seem to be missing anything of note, please reach out, describe your item(s), and I'll let you know if it seems like we have it. 


Once more, thank you all for attending this year's Milo Cup, and thank you for your continued support of our tournament. We hope to see you again next year! Hopefully the weather will cooperate a bit more with that Round Robin in 2020! 



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