The Milo Cup at Millard North

2019 — Omaha, NE/US
Subject: Milo Cup: Important Notes as the Tournament Approaches
Sender Aarron Schurevich
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Date 13 February 2019 1:37 PM

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Hello, all!


I'm writing today for a number of reasons that are all fairly important. I request that you make sure you read this entire email as while not all parts will directly pertain to everyone, you will likely want to at least know about what's going on this weekend at Millard North. PF Round Robin, expect an email specifically for you all later today or tomorrow that tells you where to be and gives some updates on the field other matters of importance. Without further ado...


1 - JUDGE PARADIGMS: make sure you have paradigms posted on Tabroom! IF JUDGES DO NOT POST PARADIGMS, THE TEAMS THEY ARE JUDGING ON BEHALF OF WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SELECT STRIKES! Obviously, this is a greater penalty for judges who are coaching the teams for whom they judge, but all judges should take care to ensure they post a paradigm before 6:00PM CENTRAL TIME tonight or strikes will be turned off for the squads you represent. For fairness, I will apply this rule to the entries from Millard North on behalf of any judge who is affiliated with my program or who is entered as a tournament hire, so please understand this is something I am very serious about. Judges who are unsure of how to enter a paradigm can simply log in to their Tabroom account and scroll about half way down the page to where they will find a header ("Judging") above some blue buttons. There you will find a button that reads “Paradigm.” From there, you simply need to provide some information about your preferences about debate, your judging experience, and some insight on how you evaluate rounds. Please take care of this ASAP!


2 - WEATHER: It looks like we might be in for some snow over the course of the weekend. While it's too early to tell if that prediction will become a reality, I will certainly be keeping a close eye on forecasts and let you know if there is any reason to suspect we have a problem. Please rest assured my administration is exceptionally disinclined to prevent our tournament from happening. If you are traveling from afar, I'm asking you to remember to prepare for winter weather, which will likely mean temperatures in the teens and possible snow. Coaches and judges, if weather impacts your ability to get to the tournament, please inform me as soon as you are able to do so by text message: 402-720-0999.


3 – FOOD OPTIONS: I’m excited to let everyone know that we are once again bringing food trucks to The Milo Cup for our Saturday lunch time! Though this will be a cold year for our food truck services, we have a big lobby space that will be able to serve as a place to line up so you don’t have to spend a ton of time in the elements. This year, we’re proud to bring the folks from Sweet Lime Thai and Piccolo’s back to The Milo Cup this year to offer great food at reasonable prices. On Friday night, we’ll offer the standard fare in our concessions stand: pizza, drinks, popcorn, candy, and Chick-fil-A sandwiches. Those options will also be available on Saturday if the food trucks just aren’t your thing. On Saturday morning, we will also be welcoming the folks from Java Daddies Java Truck to join us at concessions to help meet our guests’ morning caffeine needs! They should be at the school ready to serve at 7:00AM, so stop by and grab something.


4 – ARRIVAL NOTES: We have no school on Friday, so your teams are welcome to show up any time from 11:30AM until registration closes at 12:45. Judges, please arrive between 12:30PM and 12:45PM on Friday and check in at the registration table. We will have one end of the registration table set up to register teams and one end set up to register judges, so please stop by to let us know you’ve arrived. On Saturday, we won’t have that check-in or registration table going, but if everyone can arrive by 7:30AM, that would be fantastic as we intend to start all of the Saturday morning rounds right at 8:00AM.


5 – STRIKES: We are able to allow each LD entry 3 judge strikes and each PF entry 5 judge strikes this year. Again, in order to have strikes, all of your judges must have paradigms posted by 6:00PM CENTRAL tonight. Some judges will appear in multiple pools as they may judge in either or both of those pools. Most of the judges we have in multiple places are hires I know to be qualified in multiple places, some are judges who were entered with notes that reflected an ability to judge multiple events, and some were judges that I know to be qualified in multiple places and were thus drafted as potentials in the interest of ensuring all possible judges are on the strike sheet. It will be our goal to use judges in the events that they were entered to cover, but the tournament reserves the right to utilize judges where they are most needed and capable in order to ensure the ideal tournament function. Strikes go live at 6:00PM tonight. They are due by 11:00AM on Friday, Feb. 15. If any judge must be added to a pool due to some sort of emergency circumstances, the tournament director will make teams aware of the need and the substitution prior to the round’s posting. That said, this circumstance should be avoidable aside from an unforeseen emergency problem with pairings.


6 – AWARDS UPDATE: I am adding an award this year that was not mentioned in our invite, because I only really thought about doing it last weekend. This year, in addition to our Team Sweepstakes awards, we will also be awarding a NOVICE Team Sweepstakes which will only take into account entries from a squad that are marked on Tabroom as novice entries. Coaches, while our open fields generally mean we do not have to define what makes a debater a novice, for the purposes of this award, a novice is a debater who is in their first year of debate within their event. For instance, if a debater previously did a year of Congressional Debate but decided to switch to Policy this year, they are a novice in Policy as far as this award is concerned. Coaches, in order for this award to accurately honor the Novice Team champion, we ask that you accurately mark your novice entries on your roster via Tabroom. If you do not mark your novices, they will not count regardless of status.


7 - REPORTING CHANGES: Coaches, if you have drops between now and Friday at 12:00PM, you should be able to enter those on Tabroom yourself. If it's an entry here or there, you can just enter it online and do not need to contact me about it, but if your entire entry is impacted or your judges are impacted, text me as requested above: 402-720-0999. 


I think this about covers everything I need to communicate to you all at this point.


Thank you all for joining us at this year’s Milo Cup! We look forward to hosting you. Please contact me if you have any questions. See you all soon!





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