The Milo Cup at Millard North

2019 — Omaha, NE/US
Subject: Milo Cup: Round Robin Information and a Call for Judge Entries
Sender Aarron Schurevich
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Date 25 January 2019 3:29 PM

Text of message:

Hello, all!

Thank you for signing up to join us for the wonderful Public Forum Round Robin event. I will be reaching out with more information on things like the competition location, parking, and our food plans (please make sure you get any food limitations like allergies or dietary needs listed on Tabroom ASAP) the week of our tournament, but I wanted to reach out with a few things today just to make sure everyone knows what to expect. 

The PFRR will feature two pods of six teams each, and within those pods, each team will debate every other team in front of two judges. The magic number determining breaks will be based on ballot count. The top two teams in each pod will advance to semifinals, and the top team in the first pod will debate the second seed from the other pod and vice versa. We've had some phenomenal final rounds in years past, and we're looking forward to duplicating that experience again this year. 

Welcome/Check In: 7:45
Round 1: 8:30
Round 2: 9:30
Round 3: 10:30
Round 4: 11:30
Round 5: 1:15
Semis: 2:30
Finals: 3:45

Because all prelim rounds are preset, it's pretty easy to stay on schedule. I'll be releasing/text blasting rounds 15 minutes prior to their posted start times, so everyone should be right on top of things. 

At the moment, we only have a small handful of judges entered to cover PFRR obligations. I'm calling on everyone to please fix this ASAP and please enter judges at your earliest convenience. I do quite a bit of hiring for the regular tournament and the PFRR, so if we have late judge hire requests, I may not be able to honor those. We would prefer to have your provided judges for the sake of diversifying the judge pool, but if you must hire a judge through the tournament, please make that request ASAP so I can evaluate where my needs are and get to accepting/declining requests for hires. Additionally, all judges will need to be linked to Tabroom accounts as we will be doing digital ballots this year. Along with those Tabroom accounts, all judges will be required to post a paradigm. In years past, we have asked all judges to complete a form like the one linked to here, but this year, you can just use that form to show you what kind of information you should include on your paradigm. Obviously, I have no means of enforcing this paradigm requirement, but please understand that it is for your benefit, your students' benefit, and honestly, your judge's benefit if everyone provides a paradigm. We have a lot of students from a lot of places coming to join us at The Milo Cup, and that means a lot of regional preferences and a lot of different approaches to judging. Paradigms help every debater adapt to every judge better than they ever would be able to if the kids were flying blind throughout the event. I appreciate your help in improving all participants' satisfaction with the event. 

Teams List:
Just to let you in on how I organize the pods for the tournament, I try to balance pods based on strength and regional considerations. What I aim to do is ensure teams get debates against teams they wouldn't regularly see. If there are multiple teams from one state, I do my best to put them in opposite pods, so they don't feel like they came all the way to Omaha to have a round they could have had at home. Without further ado, here is the list of teams entered in our PFRR:
BASIS Scottsdale WW (AZ)
Bettendorf SQ (IA)
Brophy KS (AZ)
Duchesne BD (TX)
DuPont Manual CR (KY)
Edina ZM (MN)
Hockaday AY (TX)
Lakeville South CM (MN)
Marist VW (GA)
Millard North SN (NE)
Millard West AN (NE)
Walt Whitman KK (MD)

I appreciate all of your support for this great event and look forward to hosting you all in Omaha!


Schools registered for The Milo Cup at Millard North with entries in: Public Forum Round Robin Public Forum Round Robin judges