Harrisburg Oral Interp

2018 — Harrisburg,, SD/US
Subject Drops
Sender Kip McKee
Recipients All Registrants of Harrisburg Oral Interp
Sent Monday 15 October 2018 at 8:40 AM
Text of message

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to see you at HHS later today!  If you have any drops please email them to me at kip.mckee@k12.sd.us and I will get them entered.

When you get to HHS, please report to our PAC and register on the stage.  We will also be doing awards in the PAC at the end of the night as well.  We should have some people around to direct you to the location.

We will be tight on judges so expect to be busy tonight! :)

We release from school at 2:58, so it will be a bit chaotic right at 3.

There is VB tonight as well, so there will be a full concession stand as well as a bake sale for our speech and debate teams.  We will have a hospitality room with furnishings from Subway for coaches and judges.

Safe travels and good luck!



All Registrants of Harrisburg Oral Interp