Raymond B Furlong Tournament

2019 — Montgomery, AL/US
Subject Saint James RBF Tournament
Sender Lonny Harrison
Recipients All Registrants of Raymond B Furlong Tournament
Sent Saturday 23 February 2019 at 12:16 PM
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HEY EVERYONE!  With the lower numbers and some fortunate results in rounds, we are able to condense the schedule.  In order to make this work we are going to need all hands on deck and try to get some rounds out and judging done.  Here is the revised schedule:  


Saturday, February 23rd



8:00-8:30: Registration for schools competing in IEs only (Furlong Hall)


8:30: Judges Meeting (Furlong Library)


         Student Meeting (PAB)


9:00: Quarter Finals Debates Begin


         Round I, Flight A (Imp, Info, OI)


10:00: Round I Extemp Draw


10:30: Round I, Flight B (HI/DI, OO, Extemp)


11:00: Semi Finals Debates Begin


12:00: Round II, Flight A (Imp, Info, OI)


12:30: Round II Extemp Draw


1:00: Round II, HI/DI, OO, Extemp, IMP INFO, OI


2:00  Final Extemp Draw


2:30: IE (HI/DI, OO, Extemp, Imp)


4:00: Awards Ceremony (PAB)





All Registrants of Raymond B Furlong Tournament