Gig Harbor Invitational

2018 — Gig Harbor, WA/US
Subject Gig Harbor Invitational
Sender Chris Coovert
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Sent Wednesday 31 October 2018 at 6:52 PM
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Welcome to the Gig Harbor Invitational!

This email includes some key information about this weekend's tournament.

1. I have reopened judge registration so those of you who don't have all your judges in can get them in by tomorrow. If you can't make that deadline please email me and let me know.

2. If you will not have enough judges to cover you entry please contact me as soon as possible. I have some judges interested in being hired. I am happy to either connect you with them so you can hire them and charge you a judging fee. Please get this settled before Friday.

3. We are using online ballots for all debate events including congress. Please try to get your judges linked to tabroom accounts and teach them how to access them before Friday. Also try to make sure that judges have a phone, computer or tablet they can use to enter ballots. 

4. Our numbers in interp events are small. I am currently considering a few options to deal with this. Most likely, I will combine all the novice events into "novice interp" since this is the first tournament for many competitors. If anyone has strong objections to that plan or other concerns, please let me know. 

5. Since this tournament is early in the season, novices may use scripts in interp events, oratory and expos.

6. The site is open for adds and drops until tomorrow at 5:00. At that point, fees will be frozen. If you have drops or adds after 5:00 Thursday please email them directly to We have plenty of room so I don't foresee an issue with adds. 

Registration will be in the library starting around 2:45 on Friday. See you then!



All Registrants of Gig Harbor Invitational