Novice and JV Opener at Glenbrook South

2018 — IL/US
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Sent Sunday 16 September 2018 at 1:14 PM
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Here is the disclosure for the GBS Novice Scrimmage on 09/29 thus far.   Organizing the conversations was a way for me as a coach to get through them.   Hopefully it helps to have this in one clear email (and you can delete the prior emails).  Folks should still send in further Aff disclosure (we are passed the deadline for that now but we would like more confirmation) and continue to send in Negative disclosure ASAP.   At this point, we don't have clear consensus on Base DA.   OPRF/New Trier would like it included....GBS/GBN would like it not to be.   Please weigh in on this.



Plan:  The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration of J-1 visa recipients to Medically Underserved Areas in the United States through the Conrad State 30 program.   

Advs: Rural Hospitals and Medical Research 



Plan:  The United States federal government should substantially raise the annual limit for employment-based immigrants, eliminate the per-country limits for employment-based immigrants, and exempt from the numerical limit dependents of sponsored immigrants and individuals with graduate degrees in science and engineering fields.

Advantages:  Economy (labor pool shortage) and University Diplomacy


Maine East Aff

We’ll be running high skilled workers, with plan text to follow.   Looking at AI, Econ, and possibly heg as impact scenarios.  

New Trier Aff

also reading high skilled workers. Still working on exact plan text and advantages but it’ll be something pretty similar to all the other affs so far

Niles North Aff

 high skilled workers with econ adv

Niles West Aff

Plan: The United States federal government should reduce restrictions on employment-based immigration of high-skill foreign workers. 
Adv 1 -- Economy -- Collapse Impact
Adv 2 -- Aging -- 1) Growth solves great power war 2) Iran Diversionary War 



The United States federal government should expand the definition of a ‘particular social group’ to include gender and "survivors who have fled an abusive relationship" for the purposes of determining eligibility for asylum and grant Legal Permanent Resident status to all asylum seekers applying on basis of the aforementioned criteria immediately upon legal entry in the United States.

Adv 1:  Gender Violence.  Nothing tricky.  Just a big impact and outweighs war on magnitude and probability.
Adv 2: I-Law.  Aff key.  Prevents War.


Solorio Aff
PLAN: The United States federal government should substantially reduce restrictions on H-1B visas by:
1) Eliminating caps
2) Eliminating time limits by providing a path to permanent residence.
Advantage 1: Competitiveness - High skill workers -> innovation -> hegemony, solves Russia/China aggression
Advantage 2: Doctors - Doctor shortages -> pandemics -> extinction
GBS Neg *as of 09/16 - will add more in next 48 hours
Wages DA
India Brain Drain DA
Espionage DA
T - Immigrants (immigrants = move permanently)
T - Immigrants are not refugees/asylum seekers
Solorio Neg
Hegemony Bad
Economic Growth Bad
Brain Drain DA
Wages DA
T - Legal Permanent Residence (Immigration = move permanently)
T - Visas (Legal immigration = entry pursuant to visa)
All Registrants of Novice and JV Opener at Glenbrook South