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2019 — Houston, TX/US
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Dear Cougar Classic Participants,

A few announcements below on food, parking, and which buildings each event will be clustered in. Also, past tournament announcements can be found under the [Email Archive] button on the right side of the Tabroom website for the tournament. We will have tournament specific maps available on Google Maps, where they can be zoomed in on; Google Maps is generally good for campus locations/buildings as well; map email tomorrow. Unfortunately, we will not be in the Honors Commons this year; instead, tournament operations will be run out of McElhinney Hall. Registration is at 7:30 am Friday and Saturday morning in McElhinney.

Tabroom: McElhinney Hall 119  

Coaches/Judges Lounge:  McElhinney Hall 118.



All debate at the tournament is run through Tabroom.COM, with online pairings, ballot entry, and results. I would encourage you to get your team members to sign up and “link” their account to their student information in Tabroom; instructions here: . This will allow them to opt to receive pairings by email or text and also see ballots. (Judges must have a Tabroom account). We will also post pairings in the Honors Commons.



Preferences will be open until tomorrow at 9:15 pm. The judging pool has had some recent updates, so please adjust your preference accordingly.



1. Judges/coaches lounge: We will be providing breakfast and lunch both days and dinner Friday only for the coaches and judges in the large classroom next to the Honors Commons.

2. Students—General: We have set up the schedule so that students can avail themselves of one of the eating options on campus. Please encourage students to plan ahead if they are going to opt for one of the more distant options. In general, all of the options can be reached with a ten minute walk on campus (the options on Scott can  take 15 mins).

3. Students—Morning: We will supplement food options for breakfast in the morning by having some bagels and donuts for sale in the McElhinney Hall entranceway before the first rounds of the day.

4. Dietary Restrictions: If you have student, coaches, or judges who have dietary restrictions or needs, please enter that information on Tabroom as well; info here:




1. Drop off: You can drop students off close to their rounds, but the central drop is the university entrance on University Drive, the end of which is adjacent to the library and the student center. The address is 4455 University Drive Houston, TX 77204.

2. Buses: Bus parking will be in the Energy Research Park (; you can drop students off at the main entrance to the university on University Drive first.

3. Individual parking: Unfortunately, the university changed its process for parking passes so we will not be able to supply them this year. Our apologies. All visitor parking rates are the same, and we recommend the Welcome Center Garage. Information here:



Most events will be grouped in the following buildings. Rounds may vary, so check the pairings; we may use other building on campus as needed and those building are indicated on the maps that will be sent out tomorrow.



Science & Engineering








Roy Cullen


Agnes Arnold


Social Work





Agnes Arnold

Speech Events


We are all looking forward to seeing everyone on campus this Friday and Saturday. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Richard A. Garner

Director, Speech & Debate


The Honors College

University of Houston


All Registrants of University of Houston Cougar ClassicVarsity CX Debate judges Varsity LD Debate judges Public Forum judges