University of Houston Cougar Classic

2019 — Houston, TX/US
Subject Cougar Classic Judge Finalization (RESEND)
Sender Richard Garner
Recipients All Registrants of University of Houston Cougar Classic
Sent Friday 4 January 2019 at 10:53 AM
Text of message

Apologies for the garbled text on the last email; Tabroom didn't like the pictures I added. Cleaner copy below:


Dear Cougar Classic Coaches:

As the tournament nears, we would like to request that you please finalize your judging. If you would like to rely on hired judging from the tournament, please indicate that on your entry so we can get a final picture of our needs. Below are some directions on how to request hired judging and/or add your own judges. 


Richard A. Garner

Director, Speech & Debate

The Honors College

University of Houston