Robbinsdale Birds of Prey

2018 — MN/US
Subject Robbinsdale Birds of Prey Recap
Sender DJ Brynteson
Recipients All Registrants of Robbinsdale Birds of Prey
Sent Saturday 17 November 2018 at 9:31 PM
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Good Evening Coaches -

Thank you for attending the tournament today!  We were excited to host you and always excited when it all seems to work out.  A few last notes:

#1 Online Ballots: All ballots are posted.  If you have never used this feature before the easiest way to find them is to:

1. Click on your name at the top of

2. On the resulting page, you should see Robbinsdale Birds of Prey.  Click on Results.

3. On the right side.  Click on Show Ballots.  Then click on the icon (looks like an eye) and you will see them.


#2 Congress Awards: Corrected congress awards will be available by JV/Novice State.  I'll make sure I have them so you can get those awards to your students.  Sorry again about the mistake.


Thanks again for everyone attending.  Have a wonderful week and holidays next week.




All Registrants of Robbinsdale Birds of Prey