Robbinsdale Birds of Prey

2018 — MN/US
Subject Birds of Prey Update #2
Sender DJ Brynteson
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Sent Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 9:01 PM
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Good Evening Coaches -

A few items I wanted to pass along to everyone based on questions.

Impromptu: This event is happening at both Armstrong and Cooper HS.  It will happen after rounds 3, 4 and 5 of LD/PF.  The Congress schedule is configured in such a way that Congress Students should also be able to participate.  They would after Session 1, During Lunch and before Session III.

Make sure to register for the event in the correct room.  Also make sure to let your judges know you are signing them up.


Online Ballots: Yes, we are going to try to do an opt-in system for online ballots.  How this will work is that during registration judges can come tell tab they are going to opt-in for online ballots and during the first round of debate.  Going forward, once a judge has opt'ed into online ballots we will no longer put paper ballots on the table for those judges.


Out Rounds: Please remind judges that our tournament will break to Semi-Finals.  For some judges (and maybe students) this will be a first experience with elimination rounds.  Remember, ALL JUDGES are obligated for semi-finals.

Schools that have students in semi-finals are obligated to provide one judge for each entry that clears into semi-finals.  We will have a sheet for coaches to fill out prior to the tournament for schools to designate their preferred semi-final and final round judges.



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