Copper Classic

2019 — UT/US
Subject: Last Reminders
Sender Hayden Warren
Recipients All Registrants of Copper Classic
Date 18 January 2019 1:12 PM

Text of message:


Reminder to have your students go directly to the cafeteria if you are arriving at Bingham before 2:30. Registration will be in the media center.  If you are still short on your judges, please update us at registration on who will be fulfilling your school commitment.  Any school who is short on judging or has judges no show will be sent an additional invoice after the tournament. 

At Bingham - make sure to tell your students to double check their room number for their debate.  The letter in front of the number is very important.  

If there are any issues for their rounds - locked rooms, missing judges, etc.  Please have your students email the tournament help email –


Again tabroom at Bingham is SS214 and 115 at South Jordan Middle School. 


Extemp prep is in 709 at South Jordan Middle School.


Good luck and welcome to the Copper Classic! 

All Registrants of Copper Classic