Copper Classic

2019 — UT/US
Subject: Day before the tournament announcements
Sender Hayden Warren
Recipients All Registrants of Copper Classic
Date 17 January 2019 9:07 AM

Text of message:


As the tournament is nearly upon us, please read this email very carefully. 

1. Make sure judges entered are here tomorrow. Schools will be assessed a fine for each round we have to replace one of their judges. So please make sure your judges are here.

2. Registration will begin tomorrow at 2:00 - 3:15 in the media center at Bingham High School.  Please check your invoices and make sure that payment is correct.  ALL schools must register in the media center at Bingham. Buses are not allowed to park at the middle school until 3:30 - this is to allow the buses to pick up students and leave after school is dismissed.  Buses should park in the North parking lot at Bingham HS only.  We have a basketball game that night, so please make sure to tell your bus drivers where to park. 

3.  School is in session until 2:25 at Bingham and 2:50 at the middle school.  Students entering either buildings before school is out should quietly assemble themselves in the cafeterias.  Please help us and our administrative teams with this.  We are fortunate that our administrations have agreed to let schools into the building during class time and would like to continue this for the future.  

4. The internet password is jsdguest at both schools.  Students, coaches and judges should use the guest wireless for internet access. In accordance with National TOC rules for their tournament: Wifi will be allowed during rounds, but students may only use this for flowing and access to files. Any attempt to contact or communicate with individuals outside their partner in round via text, email, chat, or the like will result in forfeiture of that round.  (see TOC Tournament Guidelines)

5. Pairings will be released at 2:45 for all debate events.  Please do not go into any of the rooms until 3:00 to allow for teachers and students to clear out of the rooms. 


 6. Last minute drops should be emailed ASAP.  Please feel free to email or call me tomorrow if you have any drops.  Pleases do not wait until you arrive tomorrow to make any drops.  Waiting to make drops once you arrive will only slow the start of the tournament. 

7.  If you are missing a judge or need any questions/issues resolved, please email the tournament helpline –  

8.  There will be a 15 minute forfeit rule put into place. 

9. Judges are welcome to stay in the media center (at Bingham) when they are not judging.  Please make sure to double check the pairings every round to make sure that your judges are where they need to be.  ALL judges are on standby if they are not assigned a ballot.  We will begin pushing ballots ASAP when we know that judges have not shown up.  Please, please, please, please dont be that school who doesn't have their judges, or has judges that don't show up.  We need your judges to be here, judging debates, and helping the tournament to run on time as much as possible.  I beg of you - please help us on this.  

Judges room at South Jordan will be 115 (foods room) at South Jordan. 

If judges do not have a phone or computer to input online ballots at South Jordan there will be computers available in 213. 

10.  Tab room at Bingham will be in SS214.  Tab room at South Jordan will be in the judges room 115 (foods room).  Feel free to stop by, say hello! 


12. IE events (SPAR, NX, FX, HI, DI, DUO, OO, IMP) will be at South Jordan Middle School.  Extemp prep will be in 710 of South Jordan middle school.  Please make sure that your students are checking in on time for extemp prep to keep extemp running on time. 

13. Saturday's schedule is intense.  Please make sure that your students and judges are on time.  Debates will be starting at 7:30 - while I know that it is not ideal, the amount of rounds that we are squishing into one day makes this a necessity.  Luckily for you and your judges, we will be having a brunch for lunch that day (and who doesn't love brunch). 

14.  Open PF and Open LD will clear all 4-2s.  Open policy will break to an octofinal round.  

If you have any other questions, or if I have left something off, please let me know. 




All Registrants of Copper Classic