Layton Luau

2019 — UT/US
Sender tracy hancey
Recipients All Registrants of Layton Luau
Date Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 11:53 AM

Text of message:

We are excited to host you this year! Just some last minute information:

Please make sure you have your judges, and put them in tabroom please

You can do your own drops until the start of tournament, so please put them in. We are very full, and drops will effect sectioning in speech, I won't section until Sat. morning.

Any double entries will be at own risk! we will not hold up the tournament for them. If they are in impromptu - they must do that first. The sections are small so we can flight with extemp.

Concessions will be pulled pork sandwiches, nachos, drinks, chips, snacks . . . all $1 each.

Extemp prep will be in room 176

Judge meeting at 7:45 in the library

If we have enough judges, we will run a 4th round for all - no break rounds


See you Saturday!



All Registrants of Layton Luau