Thomas Jefferson Individual Events Congress NIETOC Qualifier

2018 — Auburn, WA/US
Subject: Thomas Jefferson Speech Tournament
Sender Andrew Buchan
Recipients All Registrants of Thomas Jefferson Individual Events Congress NIETOC Qualifier
Date 28 November 2018 8:38 PM

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Coaches, the TJ registration is now closed. Please look over your entry to make sure it is correct and email any changes to Isaiah Parker or Andrew Buchan. We will be printing round one on Thursday. I have fined schools who did not supply enough judges $60/judge. If you bring an extra judge to the tournament I will eliminate the fee. Otherwise the fees on tabroom should be accurate. Please bring a check, cash, or PO number to the tournament.

Collapsed events: Duo, DI, HI, and POI did not have enough competitors to run a novice division so we collapsed. However, I will be awarding trophies to the top novice competitors in those events. I will also award trophies to the top novice Congress competitors. Since we didn't ask about this event in registration Meykia Smith will get the names of your novice Congress competitors Saturday morning.

For District 3 competitors there were enough open competitors in all events except DI to qualify for state. This could change if there are drops.

NIETOC: We have enough open competitors to award NIETOC bids to 1st place in DI, POI, expos, and HI, the top 3 in oratory, and all finalists in duo interp.

Round 1 begins at 9am. Ballots will be handed out at about 8:30 to start. We will allow judges to choose what they want to judge at our tournament so that should be great incentive to them!

Finally, we will have plenty of food for judges and competitors at the tournament. This is a tight schedule with rounds one after another so we want to keep people in the building. See you all on Saturday!

Andrew Buchan
Thomas Jefferson Speech and Debate

All Registrants of Thomas Jefferson Individual Events Congress NIETOC Qualifier