Peach State Classic

2018 — Carrollton, GA/US
Subject PF Strikes Open
Sender Lyndsey Oliver
Recipients Schools registered for Peach State Classic with entries in: Varsity Public Forum
Sent Thursday 8 November 2018 at 4:24 PM
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Good afternoon, coaches - 

I have opened strikes in the Varsity Public Forum division for the Peach State Classic. Each entry will receive three strikes. You may, of course, choose to strike fewer judges, or none at all.

All adult judges will appear on the strike sheet, as they are all eligible to judge at the varsity level.

Please make sure to enter your prefs as strikes, NOT as conflicts. Conflicts should only be used when there is a legitimate conflict of interest - for example, if a judge is an alumnus of your school, or has been hired to judge for you/coach your students in the past. If you do have a conflict with a judge, please email me separately so that I can place a tab strike on that judge for your program.

If you have any questions about how to enter strikes, please email me (

If you still have judges who have not entered a paradigm, please follow up with them and ask them to complete it ASAP. Complete paradigms are vital for students to learn and practice judge adaptation. I am aware that there are two tournament hires missing paradigms for VPF at this time -- we're following up with them, but if you are entering your strikes in the interim, I can advise you that both hires (Camp and C. Duncan) are former PF debaters from Carrollton. 

Strikes will remain open until 2 PM Eastern time tomorrow. 

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend at the Peach State Classic. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance prior to the start of the tournament, and safe travels tomorrow!


Lyndsey Oliver
PF Tab

Schools registered for Peach State Classic with entries in: Varsity Public Forum