Greenhill Fall Classic

2018 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject: Greenhill Fall Classic 2018 - it is almost time
Sender Aaron Timmons
Recipients All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic
Date 13 September 2018 3:03 PM

Text of message:

Dear all,

We look forward to hosting you at the Greenhill Fall Classic. A few things as we prepare for your arrival:

1 – Judge Preferences – They have been open since Tuesday night. Please complete filling out the prefs for your students by 5 pm on Friday afternoon. If you know you are traveling tomorrow, please take that into account when filling out preferences to ensure they are completed on time.

2 – Registration tomorrow night – Please bring a form of payment to registration to cover fees if you haven’t paid already. We have spoken with those with a late budget release that have reached out already, all others should present a form of payment. Reminder, we don’t accept credit cards. We will confirm the registration room tomorrow via email. As mentioned in the invitation, the RR will be in the Marriott Quorum. In addition, there is no formal “late registration” on Saturday. We understand that some people will arrive late due to travel arrangements that couldn’t be changed, that said, all attempts must be made to attend registration on Friday night.

3 – Conflicts – Again, fill them out on tabroom.

4 – Those traveling with others who are not school coaches – Please bring a printed copy of the letter signed by your school admiration giving those you are traveling with, to act on behalf of the competitor, as well as the school. This is an easy ask! No email/letter will likely result in the student being denied the opportunity to compete.

As many of you know the Round Robin is currently running and, as a result, I may not be able to answer emails immediately. Safe travels.

Best regards,

Aaron Timmons



All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic