Greenhill Fall Classic

2018 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject: Greenhill Fall Classic - September 9
Sender Aaron Timmons
Recipients All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic
Date 9 September 2018 9:25 PM

Text of message:

Hello all,

Please consider some information as we enter the week of the Greenhill Fall Classic and Round Robin. We are excited to host everyone and are working diligently to make this the best experience for everyone.

Those items include:

1.     1. Conflicts – The invitation pretty clearly outlines the expectation of debaters/coaches/programs/judges for disclosing any arrangements in coaching or prep sharing on tabroom that would result in a conflict were that party to judge a student competing. Companies and/or individuals who have fiduciary arrangements with students/families are also expected to embrace an affirmative duty in making sure you are conflicted against those students. The TOC conflict policy is an admittedly imperfect, but solid, model that should be followed regarding judging conflicts.

2.      2. Entourage rule – We need everyone to be in the judging pool for a minimum of two debates. I saw folks who violated this reasonable request at Grapevine with impunity. Let’s be better as a community. As I have said for years, it doesn’t work/is not fair, to expect mutual preference judging and not be in the judging pool yourself.

3.     3.   Students traveling with someone other than a school employee – I feel we have been really clear about this. Many people have had letters sent in and for that we thank you. IF NO LETTER/EMAIL HAS BEEN RECEIVED/CAN BE PRODUCED AT REGISTRATION – WE WILL DROP THE ENTRY.

4.     4.   Judging – Make sure the names and commitments are clear in tabroom. Please do that if you haven’t already by 5 pm Monday afternoon.

Thank you.

Aaron Timmons

All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic