Greenhill Fall Classic

2018 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject: Greenhill Fall Classic 2018 - judging and more...
Sender Aaron Timmons
Recipients All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic
Date 6 September 2018 12:40 PM

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Dear all,

I am doing my best to minimize emails but as I shift through multiple emails written to me, inquiring about things that are on the website/in the invitation and then requesting a response, that can be time consuming on my part. Please read the invitation. After doing that once you have read the information already provided, please reach out to us if questions remain.

A few things:

First – We have been very clear about the level of adjudication/judging experience wise we are asking schools to provide. In looking at the judge list in several cases, seeing a person marked as “no experience/little experience/parent with no experience”, does not work for our event. Please know that this is not a critique of the schools that opt to have inexperienced judges whatsoever, but this is not the level of expertise a tournament with our level of competition can support. This is far more apparent in the Lincoln Douglas division than in any other. Please hire appropriate judging as needed.

Second – Please make sure to put in the names of judges and be accurate with the number of rounds they will be committed for. Be reminded that to make MPJ work we ask that four rounds per team/debater be covered. To clarify, if you have two teams/Lincoln Douglas debaters in the pool, you may cover the obligation for being in for all six prelim rounds. Based on MPJ you may not be USED in every round. On another note, if a coach for example opts to be in for five rounds for example, they will need to pay for three hired rounds. Several schools are still missing judge information.

Three – Paradigms are essential. If judges don’t have paradigms up by the time MPJ opens, I see no reason why those students affiliated with those persons, should benefit from MPJ. All paradigms should be extensive enough to allow coaches and students to make informed decisions about those persons.  

Four – Students traveling without the official coach of the school MUST have had their school leadership email me ahead of time to confirm that the person you are traveling with represents the student, and the school, the student/students represent. If anyone shows up at registration without this information, they will be not be allowed to compete.Thanks to all those that have adhered to that request already.

Five – As always we will pay highly preferred judges for rounds beyond their commitment.

We are looking forward to hosting everyone.

Aaron Timmons



All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic