Greenhill Fall Classic

2018 — Dallas, TX/US
Subject: Greenhill Fall Classic 2018 - A little over a week away
Sender Aaron Timmons
Recipients All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic
Date 3 September 2018 11:41 PM

Text of message:

Dear all,

A few things as we prepare for everyone to attend our events in a few short days. I will try to minimize the number of emails sent between now and the tournament, but several bits of information are important to share in the short term.

First – Hotel fee – (Action Required) Please check your entry to make sure you have emailed me that you are staying in the tournament hotel, so the fee can be removed. Please do so within the next 48 hours. Thanks to the many that have handled this request already.

Second – Judges – (Action Required)

A)  A) Please fill in the name of your judges ASAP as we must finish knowing our hired judge needs to complete that process in the next couple of days.

B)   B) If a school has requested extra entries they need to ensure they have the judging (that represents the quality of the judging they would wish for their debaters to receive), in all divisions.

C) C) All judges must have a paradigm listed on If any judges indicate they aren’t qualified and should not be preferred (trust me this has happened), that school will have to hire a judge as a full commitment. I feel our invitation is pretty clear about our expectations regarding the quality of judge a school is expected to bring to fulfill their obligations.

Third – “Independent Entries” – Again, I feel we have been explicit in this area. Tomorrow and Wednesday I am going through all contact information and if I feel student has registered themselves/listed themselves as the contact person, we will likely call schools to see if the leadership is aware of what is happening. Also, if a student is “coming with another coach”, I need an email, from a school administrator indicating that coach represents the school and the student in question. If a student shows up and they haven’t sent/we have received a letter from school administration said X adult represents the school, or a student has no adult, THEY WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TOURNAMENT at registration.

Fourth – Food (action required) – It is the responsibility of all coaches to inform us of special dietary requests in the next 48 hours for themselves or anyone in their entourage, so we can tell our food service folks of our needs.

Fifth – Fee payment – (action required) – Please try to take care of fees before you arrive. You may bring a check to registration. Please bring one check per school.

Sixth - Conflicts – This information was in the original invitation, but I thought I would share again.

It is the affirmative obligation of all individuals who are coaching, sharing materials with other schools/debaters in private prep sharing arrangements to actively conflict themselves from judging those students/schools in the spirit of transparency. Individuals found out during the tournament to have violated this norm, will result in all individuals coached by those persons to have all judge preferences removed.  Debaters should also conflict all persons working for those companies doing drills or prep sharing if a monetary relationship exists between the student and that company/group of individuals. 

We look forward to hosting you.

Best regards,

Aaron Timmons




All Registrants of Greenhill Fall Classic