Apple Valley MinneApple Debate

2018 — Apple Valley, MN/US
Subject: Clarification: Internet
Sender Chris Palmer
Recipients All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate
Date 2 November 2018 6:49 PM

Text of message:

The tournament invitation specifies that NSDA rules are to be followed for issues not otherwise spelled out in the invite. However, there's an ambiguity with internet use in round.  At the time the invite was released internet was allowed by NSDA rule, but those rules were converted to a trial pilot by Board vote in late September.

So the invite to this tournament does not specify if we'd use pilot rules or the existing rules.  Given that ambiguity, we will be using the more permissive ruleset, the Pilot Internet Rules.  We do not wish to penalize anyone who presumed internet usage would be allowed.   

To see a copy of the Pilot Internet Rules, check out the NSDA website at:



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All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate