Apple Valley MinneApple Debate

2018 — Apple Valley, MN/US
Subject: Minneapple Final Reminders
Sender Christopher Theis
Recipients All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate
Date 1 November 2018 9:44 PM

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It is almost upon us! We look forward to welcoming you all to our tournament tomorrow. Before you arrive I have a few last minute updates and reminders for you. Please take a minute to look over this information. 



Online registration is now enabled. If you do not have any entry or judges changes, and you do not owe any money, you may register online without coming to in-person registration tomorrow.  Please check Tabroom tonight and look over your invoice. If you have a balance, even if you think you shouldn’t, you must come to registration. If you notice any problems with your invoice please let me know ASAP. 


Renovation of AVHS

Over the last couple of years, Apple Valley High School has undergone an extensive remodel and expansion, which is almost finished. For those of you have been to the tournament before, it may be a bit disorienting. Every single room has been renamed/renumbered and there a lot of new rooms and spaces around the building. To help out, I have posted maps of each building to our Tabroom website. Additionally, there is still some work being done here and there, so we ask that you please not enter any area that is roped off or touch anything that seems to be a work in progress. For example, there is a large staircase in the center of the main wing that looks finished... but it definitely is not.


Event Locations

Apple Valley High School - VLD and JVLD

Falcon Ridge Middle School - VPF and Congress

Scott Highlands Middle School - NPF and NLD

For elimination rounds, NPF will be shuttled to FRMS and NLD will be shuttled to AVHS. 

Speaking of shuttles… Remember that shuttles will take students from AVHS to their event site on Friday at 3pm, and will take Novice students from Scott Highlands to the elim sites on Saturday afternoon. However, we will not provide shuttles back to AVHS on Friday night, or from AVHS to the event sites on Saturday morning.


Online Balloting and Internet Access 

Our goal is for every judge at the tournament to use online ballots. Please help us with this by ensuring your judges have created and linked Tabroom accounts. If your judges require assistance, please send them to the tab table at their event site. We will have people assigned to help judges get this done. Of course, if your judges do not feel comfortable paper ballots will be available. This is usually not an issue in the varsity divisions, but there are always a handful of paper ballots in JV/Novice. 


Wifi Access


Username = debate

Password = avhshost




Password: coding16



Username:  SHMS-Guest

Password:  greatschool



Chris Theis


All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate