Apple Valley MinneApple Debate

2018 — Apple Valley, MN/US
Subject: (Action Required) Minneapple Judges Late — Send Now! (please)
Sender Christopher Theis
Recipients Schools short on judges at Apple Valley MinneApple Debate
Date 30 October 2018 1:29 PM

Text of message:


If you are receiving this message, you still have not entered all of your judges for the Minneapple. Because the deadline has passed, you will need to email your judges directly to me instead of entering them into Tabroom. Please please please do this as soon as possible. 

If judges have not been entered by the time prefs/strikes open tomorrow morning, then your team will forfeit the ability to pref/strike. If you are unable to cover your judging commitment and we have judging capacity available, we will charge your team $305 per uncovered entry (the hired judge of $175 and the late hire fee of $130). I'd really like to not have to do that, so please let me know your judge names! Unfortunately, if we do not have available capacity, your entries will be dropped. 


Chris Theis

Schools short on judges at Apple Valley MinneApple Debate