Apple Valley MinneApple Debate

2018 — Apple Valley, MN/US
Subject: Minneapple Waitlist (Action Required)
Sender Christopher Theis
Recipients All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate
Date 11 October 2018 3:28 PM

Text of message:


This is a reminder that if your entries are still waitlisted it is because we have yet to receive payment or a proof that payment is on the way. All we need to move forward is a copy of a PO or a picture of the check.

If you plan on attending but your payment will be delayed for some reason, please just let us know. As long as we are in the loop on your plans we can make sure your entries are able to compete. 

If you do not plan on attending, please let us know that too by either dropping your entries or sending an email. 



Chris Theis


All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate