Apple Valley MinneApple Debate

2018 — Apple Valley, MN/US
Subject: Minneapple Deadline Reminders
Sender Christopher Theis
Recipients All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate
Date 1 October 2018 4:34 PM

Text of message:


Below are some friendly reminders concerning upcoming deadlines for the Minneapple.


Registration Fee/Refund Deadline: October 5th

Our fee and entry freeze is Friday, October 5th. If you anticipate not being able to make this deadline, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to accommodate your entries. Remember, if your payment will not be received by October 6th, a copy of the check request or purchase order can also be emailed to minneappledebate@gmail.comEntries will be released from the waiting list when we receive proof of payment.  

After October 5th, schools will be financially accountable for all currently entered students and judge fees.  If you intend to drop students or hired judge requests, please do so before the October 6th deadline to recoup those fees. We need to know this to accommodate additional entry requests.


Hired Judge Requests Deadline: October 6th

If you need a hired judge, you must make a specific request.  Do not just assume that by leaving judge information blank that we will be able to accommodate your judge hiring needs. We have a limited number of available judges and need these requests by the deadline.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions. It is hard to believe the tournament is only a month away. We are looking forward to having all of you in Minnesota!



Chris Theis

Minneapple Tournament Director

All Registrants of Apple Valley MinneApple Debate