Vanguard Forensics Debate Tournament

2018 — Beebe, AR/US
Subject ASU-Beebe Tournament Update
Sender Zackery Tucker
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Sent Thursday 20 September 2018 at 9:05 PM
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First let me start thank you on behalf of the Vanguard Debate Society for the support of our program here at ASU-Beebe. Since there was long standing tournament in South Arkansas scheduled this week, we did not expect the amount of support and interest in our first high school tournament.

Event Changes

Due to limited entries, IX has been merged with USX. PF has been merged to an open division, and VCX & TIPDA have been dropped.

Schedule Changes

Since the tournament has turned out to be larger than anticipated in several other events, there are a few adjustments to the schedule that has been made.  In speech events, IMPV. DI, & INF have been move to Saturday's Pattern B events. As a result, DUO, HI, OO, IMP, POI, & USX will be the only Friday, Pattern A, events. In debate events, NIPDA will be flighted in two flights; and VIPDA, VLD & NLD will be flighted, with VIPDA & VLD in Flight A and NLD in Flight B. A new schedule is posted on tabroom.


Draw for IPDA, USX, & IMPV will happen in the Science Building Lecture Hall.

Student Centers

Students will be allowed to congregate between rounds in the university dining hall (located in the Student Center) and the Lecture Hall in the Science Building (NIPDA & USX, especially)

Concessions & Judge Lounge.

The university cafe is managing the tournaments concession, where students will be able to purchase various items including: Pizza by slice @ $2.50 , Chips @ $1.50, Chips & Cheese @ $2:50, Fountain Drinks Refill @ $1.00, Cookies @ $1.50, etc. Since we are a first year program, at this tournament the judges lounge will be slightly different than the norm. A judges lounge will be provided on the second floor of the Student Center in the John Deere Room. Judges will be allowed to go through the cafe's service line (free of charge) during Friday's Dinner & Saturday's Lunch. Vouchers will be given at registration. (this will be different at NSDA Districts.)

Tabroom & Ballot Return.

The tournament headquarters will be on the first floor of the Student Center. 

Dropoff & Parking.

Buses can drop off at the Student Center (610 N Pecan St) and park near the tennis courts on the front side of the building.

Postings and judge assignments will be published in the morning. If you have any questions please feel free to call/text me on my cell phone, 901-626-0838. 

We look forward to seeing tomorrow,


Zackery Tucker



All Registrants of Vanguard Forensics Debate Tournament